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Integrated IT Solutions for Your Business Success

Focused on your success, Onsupport delivers customized IT solutions and services that enable our clients to streamline business processes, communicate more efficiently and get more value from their IT investment.

Founded in Austin, TX in 1992, Onsupport has provided more than 600 customers with technical expertise, professionalism and a relentless focus on solving their business challenges. Onsupport is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Cisco Certified Network Solutions Provider, and Dell Strategic Partner.

Benefits of Strategic Partnership with Onsupport

  • Maximize employee productivity and efficiency
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Minimize downtime and eliminate data loss
  • Reduce overall IT expenses
  • Increase profitability

Onsupport Solutions and Services

Onsupport works hand in hand with your company to assess specific needs and provide customized solutions to address both your immediate needs and your long term business objectives.

Onsupport services cover the following areas

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proactive attitude and commitment to excellent service

Onsupport Corporation began with one goal: to turn a passion for helping people with their information technology into a successful enterprise.

Onsupport works hard to get to know our clients up-close and personally. Time and again, we ask their leaders what they need from IT to reach their goals. Then, no matter how hard the task, we work to get the job done. This is the heart and soul of Onsupport ‘s proactive attitude and commitment to excellent service.

We have been fortunate to see many of our clients blossom with the technology solutions we provide. This success has both solidified and magnified the strength of Onsupport’s business relationships. The trust our clients place in us makes Onsupport more than a technology advisor. Onsupport is a reliable, behind-the-scenes business partner. Our clients use us as their “Virtual IT Director” because they count on us to think about their interests and their brand in the same way that they would. Like a doctor keeping up with medical journals for the benefit of her patients, Onsupport proactively stays on top of market trends and new products and services, keeping our clients and their needs in mind.

With strong ownership, endless energy and a passion for aggressively serving our client’s needs, Onsupport is thriving under the leadership of Masako Canada our Owner and CFO. From our home base in Austin, we are one of Texas’ leading providers of customized and optimized information technology solutions, services, and consulting for small to medium-sized businesses.

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we build alliances

Onsupport has alliances with a broad range of technology resources, and our employees have expertise in the areas that count for our clients. We’re not simply a reseller of one kind of equipment, or a provider of one set of support services. Onsupport consultants assess each client’s particular IT needs, and when we have a solution to present, it’s not based on one inventory or product line. We recommend the solution that is the best fit for our client, from the widest range of technology available.

There’s more to our work than just getting it going. Our successful clients count on us to keep them up to date on industry standards and new products and innovations, even after we’ve fulfilled their immediate needs. In fact, many of our best clients have come back to us later to be their “IT personal shoppers,” calling us for advice and solutions. They know that Onsupport has been on the look-out specifically for them. They get their answers quickly and they like that!

By solidifying these strategic alliances, Onsupport has the inside line on what’s coming around the corner and what’s going away. Once we are part of a client’s business history, we make it our priority to help them stay ahead of their competitors with their technology.

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